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An AFF student on an AFF skydiving course in freefall An AFF student on an AFF skydiving course under a parachute

Watch a video: Just 10 jumps later

After completing your AFF skydiving course you will probably want to get your A licence. This enables you to skydive on your own at dropzones all over the world. To get your A licence you need to do 10 jumps on your own after completing AFF, these are called “consolidation” jumps.

This provides you with an opportunity to refine some of the skills you have learned on AFF, develop a feel for the air and establish for yourself that you really are a skydiver! This video shows the average level of skill that someone has after they have completed 10 consolidation jumps.

AFF Skydive conducted by www.AFFSchool.com at Cark, Cumbria, UK.

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