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An AFF student on an AFF skydiving course in freefall An AFF student on an AFF skydiving course under a parachute

Is Accelerated Free Fall right for you?

Our Accelerated Free Fall course is designed to teach you to become a fully fledged skydiver, you will need to listen to and learn from your instructors, train, and are required to deploy your own parachute from the very first jump. It's an amazing experience and many people say that it has given them a sense of achievement greater than anything else they have ever done. Whether you choose to continue skydiving after your course is entirely up to you, but there is a good chance you will love skydiving and want to persue it as an ongoing interest and pastime.

A tandem skydive

Not sure about AFF? There is another way to skydive!

If you are not sure whether AFF is right for you or you are not fully committed to the experience AFFSchool.com can still help. When you contact us, as long as you are honest about your thoughts and feelings we can advise you on the best route forward for your skydiving career. If you are not sure whether you are quite ready for AFF then we may advise that you do a tandem skydive, this will let you experience a skydive without extensive training. What's more on a tandem skydive a highly experienced tandem instructor will deploy and land your parachute for you.

What is a tandem skydive?

A tandem skydive is the most popular way for people interested in the sport to get their first true taste of skydiving. After a short period of training, normally no more than 20 minutes you will be geared up and taken to altitude in the plane firmly fixed to a highly experience instructor who will, basically do all the work for you. You will leave the aircraft strapped and clipped to the front of the instructor and get to see, feel and enjoy the skydiving experience without extensive training or having to take as much responsibility yourself.

Differences between a tandem and AFF

Experiences Tandem Skydive AFF Course
Enjoy a plane ride yes yes
Experience freefall yes yes
Get a parachute ride yes yes
Concentration required low high
Deploy the parachute yourself no yes
Control the parachute yourself no yes
Land the parachute yourself no yes
Deal with emergencies yourself no yes
Receive extensive training no yes
Counts towards a qualification no yes
Total cost of skydive Approx £325 including a video
of your jump.
£375 for level 1 only.
£1350 for entire course.
Video always included.

Can I do a single AFF Level 1 jump - on its own?

You can pay for each AFF level as you progress. This means you can just do AFF level 1 to experience a skydive - however we do not recommend this. You will still be required to commit the same level of effort in to the training as if you were going to complete all 8 levels. AFF is more involved than a tandem skydive and you take far greater responsbility for yourself. For this reason, we generally recommend that if you just want a “taste of skydiving” to see whether it is something you might want to persue that you try a tandem skydive first.

A tandem skydive

If you are fairly sure that learning to skydive is something you want to do, and plenty of people learn to skydive without having done a tandem, then maybe going straight to AFF makes more sense. Just talk to us and we'll advise.

Think a tandem is better? We'll arrange it for you.

If you think a tandem skydive might be more appropriate for you at this stage then let us book it for you. We have great relationships with dropzones all over the world. Book your tandem through us and within 6 months then book an AFF course through AFFSchool.com we will give you a discount of £50 off it. Contact us to book a tandem skydive.

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