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An AFF student on an AFF skydiving course in freefall An AFF student on an AFF skydiving course under a parachute

Watch a video: AFF Level 1 Skydive

This is an AFF Level 1 skydive. You will receive a minimum of 1 day on-ground training in basic skydiving procedures, freefall body position, canopy deployment, canopy control and safety routines. You will normally do your first actual skydive the following day.

Your first jump will typically be from 12,000 ft or more and you will be held on to by 2 instructors. You will be required to respond to hand signals to adjust your body position, check your altimeter and practice deploying your parachute before deploying it for real!

You will be talked down the ground under your parachute by one of our instructors using radio equipment. Your instructors will go over the skydive and examine the video with you and provide you with constructive feedback. Congratulations - you are a skydiver!

AFF Skydive conducted by www.AFFSchool.com at Cark, Cumbria, UK.

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