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An AFF student on an AFF skydiving course in freefall An AFF student on an AFF skydiving course under a parachute

Watch a video: AFF Level 7 Skydive

WOW - you're nearly there! This skydive includes a little bit of everything you have learned throughout your whole AFF skydiving course. You will exit the aircraft, perform a front loop, turn 360 degrees to your left and to your right and then track away from the instructor at the end of the skydive.

Your instructors will go over the skydive and examine the video with you and provide you with constructive feedback. Assuming they are happy with your progress you will then be briefed for AFF Level 8, your Hop 'n' Pop.

AFF Skydive conducted by www.AFFSchool.com at Cark, Cumbria, UK.

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