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Meet your AFF skydiving instructors

Kieron Hayes

Instructor: Kieron Hayes

  • Jumps: 3,000+
  • Years skydiving: 26
  • Age: 40
  • Loves most about the sport: “Flying and landing my canopy”
  • Ratings: BPA Approved AFF Instructor and Canopy Coach
  • Skills: AFF Instructor, freefall cameraman, formation skydiving
  • Other hobbies: Snowboarding

Kieron is married and has a young son. Introduced to the sport by his skydiving father as a teenager, Kieron has been skydiving all his life and has constantly been involved with the sport. He is an 8-way formation skydiving champion, has competed in hundreds of formation skydiving events and is a superb AFF instructor. Having been a part of the skydiving scene for a long time Kieron has seen many changes within the sport and was an early adopter of a number of new parachutes and other skydiving equipment. Kieron continues to regularly compete in a number of skydiving competitions and instills confidence and a sense of security in all who jump with him.

Dave Ruffell

Instructor: Dave Ruffell

  • Jumps: 7,000
  • Years skydiving: 28
  • Age: 45
  • Loves most about the sport: “What is there not to love?”
  • Ratings: BPA Approved AFF Instructor, USPA Approved AFF Instructor, Tandem Instructor
  • Other hobbies: Golf

Dave Ruffell is married with a daughter, he started skydiving when he was 19 years old partly inspired by his parents love of aviation. Dave has now skydived more than 7,000 times and is an integral part of the skydiving community having worked within skydiving all his life. Extremely well known and respected worldwide, he is a British Parachuting Association and United States Parachuting Association rated AFF instructor and a tandem skydive instructor. Dave lives in Zephyrhills, Florida, USA and when he's not jumping or playing a round of golf caters for the needs of other skydivers at Sunshine Factory one of the worlds leading skydiving stores. As you would expect Dave is an extremely competant skydiver at a number of different levels, he is currently particularly interested in 8-way formation skydiving and high performance canopy flight. Dave is our man in the USA!

Other AFFSchool.com team members

James Batchelor

Team member: James Batchelor

  • Jumps: 250
  • Years skydiving: 2
  • Age: 31
  • Loves most about the sport: “The view from the door of a plane”
  • Ratings: FS1 Formation Skydiver
  • Skills: Formation skydiving and tunnel flying
  • Other hobbies: Tunnel flying

James completed AFF with Ian Chick and Kieron Hayes over a 5 day period in the summer of 2004. James quickly became 'hooked' on skydiving and went on a lengthy sabbatical from work to visit many dropzones around the world. Whilst skydiving in the USA James discovered the SkyVenture wind tunnel in Orlando and developed a keen interest in wind tunnel flying. He a founder shareholder of the Airkix vertical wind tunnel in Milton Keynes and to date has flown more than 150 hours in wind tunnels around the world concentrating on relative work - the skills used in formation skydiving. James is not an AFF instructor himself but is a fantastic liaison with the UK wind tunnels and having been through the AFF experience himself, perfectly placed to help answer your questions.

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