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How much is the AFF skydiving course?

Our AFF skydiving course is fully comprehensive and includes many extras not normally included if you were to go directly to a dropzone. It is a skydiving course for people who want quality and really personal commitment from their instructors. The only other money you have to find is for your transport to and from the course location and your food, drink and accommodation if you stay over. In the event you have to repeat a level you'll get it at a great discount and you'll get unparalled support from brilliant instructors at all times.

Full AFF course payable in advance:

Consolidation jumps to get your A license

Once you have completed the AFF course you will have all the basic skills required to skydive on your own. However you will probably want to attain a British Parachuting Association Cat 8 Certificate (also referred to as an "A" Licence) - this means you can jump on your own at skydiving centres around the world. To do this you must complete 10 solo jumps after your AFF course. These are called consolidation jumps.

Accommodation options

For our courses in Spain we discuss your requirements with you and find accommodation that suits your need. We can provide clean basic single rooms from £25 per night or provide you with apartments or luxury hotel rooms if needed. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

For our UK courses we have a high specification apartment style set of rooms close to the dropzone with flat screen TVs, king size bed and other cool features is available to AFFSchool.com students from as little as £100 for a 3 night package. Alternatively, you can camp for a nominal charge at the dropzone, showers and toilets are available on site or use the bunk house at the dropzone which often has spare beds. There are also many other bed and breakfasts, hotels and self catering cottages in the area. Contact us for further details about any of these options.

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