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Testimonials from AFFSchool.com students

"I turned up bright and early for the ground school on a Friday morning. The parachute centre looked deserted and for a minute I wondered if I had the right place. Then Kieron and James appeared within a few minutes of each other – along with another student. They were friendly and clearly going to be easy to get on with. The ground school was quite tiring but great fun. At the end of the day I went to the apartment which they offer AFF students to stay in – and it was really great, a large comfortable place with luxury beds – really top class stuff. The weather turned a bit nasty for a few days so I ended up staying a little while longer than I was expecting but that was fine – there’s plenty to see and do in the Lake District. Then at the end of the week, when the weather lifted a bit all they pulled out all the stops to make sure I got through my AFF which I did first time with no repeats. A great week and I’ll be back to do my consols soon. Thanks lads!"

Martyn Clarkson, May 2008, Found AFFSchool.com on Google

"My experience with AFFSchool.com has been nothing but excellent. From meeting James right through to the moment I arrived and jumped at the DZ What can I say, it’s been a pleasure from start to end. I contacted lots of different skydiving centres whilst deciding who to train with and then came across AFFSchool.com. James could not have gone to any more lengths to answer every single question I had about skydiving – he spent hours on the phone with me going through all my tedious questions and was great fun to deal with. I booked on the back of that initial contact. The course itself was brilliant, Ian and Kieron are such great instructors and I felt absolutely 100% confident in their skills and at the end of the course, with what they taught me. I can’t recommend the guys at AFFSchool.com enough! Brilliant.

Dr. Tom, 10th Sep 2007, Found AFFSchool.com on Google

I went with Kieron, Ian and James on one of their winter trips to Spain, I had a great time and enjoyed the whole experience. Our first trip didn’t go quite to plan because on the last couple of days it got windy and it wasn’t suitable for us AFF students to jump. The guys, sacrificing their own time – arranged another trip to Spain JUST SO THAT WE COULD GET QUALIFIED – that’s what I call customer service. I’ve since bought all my own equipment and I think I have become a bit addicted to this whole skydiving thing!

James Fagan, December 2007, Found AFFSchool.com on Google

"My experience with AFFSchool.com has been nothing but excellent. From meeting James right through to the moment I arrived and jumped at the DZ I was made to feel at ease by the staff and instructors. The tuition throughout was first class and Kieron and Ian really are interested in your progression as much as you are.

I felt like I was in good hands and managed to complete the course in a week which was great. The best thing about the experience apart from the skydiving is the fact that Ian and Kieron are both really sound guys, this fact alone allows you to be more relaxed. One other thing is 'tuition' that you receive after you have completed the 8 levels. The instructors are on hand to offer advice where needed and monitor your progression which they are obviously not required to do.

All in all it was one of the best experiences of my life and I would be more than happy to recommend AFFSchool.com and the instructors to anyone."

Fraser Dootson, 4th Sep 2007, Found AFFSchool.com on Google

"I started my AFF just a couple of weeks ago and have already made great progress despite only being able to jump at weekends. The quality of the instruction is just great, they've really struck a great balance between professionalism and friendliness , you are instantly at ease and know you've made great friends almost straight away.

The AFFSchool.com team organised a trip down to Airkix last week where I got the opportunity to fly and be coached by some of the world's best skydivers, I didn't have to arrange a thing - they just came and picked me up and off we went. It was a great night and I'm looking forward to putting what I have learned in to practice in the air this weekend. I would definitely recommend the guys at AFFSchool.com if you want to learn to skydive, I doubt you would find anyone else who would make such an effort to make sure you're getting the best training and having the best time like this lot!"

Jonny Priestley, 1st Sep 2007, Found AFFSchool.com through word of mouth

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